Hayn Grip Swageless Cable Hardware
Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Cut cable to length.

Note: A cut cable should not exhibit any burrs or strand deformation.

Step 2: Install the body section of the fitting with the largest/threaded opening facing out.

Step 3: Install the cone section onto the wire with the smallest diameter first.

Note: if the cone does not slide on freely due to some deformation of the wire, twist the cone in the same direction as the lay of the wire while applying light to moderate inward pressure.

Step 4: Using the hole in the end fitting as the depth guide place the end fitting over the cable end until it bottoms out. Then while holding the end fitting bottomed against the wire, slide the cone to the face and mate with the end fitting.

Step 5: Engage the threads, and tighten to a minimum torque of 23 foot/lbs. to ensure proper grip on wire.