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Hiking Strap Yellow Cabin Cover Sail Bag
Tiller Cover Blue Cabin Cover Blade Bag

Canvas Loft - We Design, Build, and Repair

Sail and Canvas Loft


We specialize in the design and installation of boat, sail, binnacle and grill covers, sail bags, sail ties, hiking straps, awnings and more.

Made right here in our shop, we guarantee durability, UV protection, and fit.  We also clean and repair all types of canvas covers, cushions and sails. Whether you store your boat in the water or out, protect it from the sun, rain, and dirt.

It doesn't have to be a boat either!

We can make virtually anything out of canvas or other materials. If it can be stitched we can probably design and create it!


Bags and Bracelets made at Kansas City Sailing


We strongly recommend Sunbrella for all of your canvas projects. For a sampling of Sunbrella Yachting colors and patterns click here. And for more information about Sunbrella click on their link below.Sunbrela