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Paints, adhesives, cleaning supplies

Parts and Supplies

We stock parts and supplies for every sailboat, from the smallest dinghy to the biggest cruiser and performance sailboat.

Whether you need lines, blocks, shackles, stainless steel fasteners, navigation tools, life jackets, fenders, dock lines, or any other equipment for your sailboat we either have it in stock or we'll get it for you quickly.

We have a full inventory of maintenance and repair products including paints, epoxies, sealants, gelcoats, and application tools.Shop showroom

Here's what we keep in stock:

Deck hardware - blocks, shackles, deck organizers

Running rigging and ropes/lines - New England Ropes, Samson, Robline, and English Braid

Standing rigging - wire and fittings for stays, shrouds, lifelines, and more

Stainless steel fasteners - nuts, bolts, screws, washers

Trailers, dollies, and racks - Bear and Trailex trailers

Clothing - foul weather gear, gloves, fleece, spraytops, shirts, footwear

Safety equipment - life jackets, whistles, horns, spotlights, toolsShop Front

Maintenance and repair materials - adhesives, sealants, paints, varnish

Plumbing and electrical supplies - heads, bilge pumps, navigation lights

Performance supplies - telltales, masthead flies, high tech rope

Navigation equipment - dividers, rolling rulers, parallel rulers

Docking supplies - fenders, dock lines, cleats, power cords, bubblers, dock lights

Sails - for all sailboats


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